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Winter Rye (2015 Festival Entry)

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(DRAMA) A young woman experiences romance for the first time while coping the recent death of her father and her family’s resulting struggle for survival during winter in 18th century Colonial America. (Best Narrative Short Period Piece at the 12th Annual Garden State Film Festival, April 2014)
Written and Directed by Victoria DeMartin
Produced by – Cat Iacona
Assistant Director- Cat Iacona
Cinematography by Paul Kmiec and Matthew Tascone
Edited by Victoria DeMartin
Original Score by Dillon DeRosa

Laura Piccoli as Eliza
Erin Cole as Tamar
Ali Ryan as Charlotte
Tim Mele as Caleb
Mary Macdonald Hamill as Nitty
Will Gallacher as William Davenport

Inspired by a culmination of personal events blended with the history of the Square House Museum in Rye, New York this film was made as a junior thesis film in the Film Conservatory at SUNY Purchase College from 2013-2014.

The film was shot entirely on location using historical houses in Rye, NY such as the Square House, Knapp House, and Philipsburg Manor (Sleepy Hollow). Additionally, all costumes were handmade and most props used are either real historical artifacts or simply decor from the director’s home!