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Through The Trees

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Grief-stricken after the death of his wife, Tom has decided to commit suicide. His last hope is a counselor with some unorthodox advice. His challenge to Tom: Give yourself one day to make a positive impact on someone else. Will Tom find his way, or remain lost?

Directors Info:

Adedapo Akisanya is an American-born Nigerian who found a love of writing in the Marines during his tour of duty in Somalia. In 2007 he wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning feature E.S.P. In 2011 he won the Best Screenplay award from the Chicago Screenwriting Network. He currently runs his own production company, Three A’s Productions.

Awards:  Best Dramatic Short,  Illinois International Film Festival

Cast Credits:

Sean Walton – Tom

Dan Stearns – Edelson

Will Lidke – Harry

Jim Smylie – Kent

Cheyenne Pinson – Anna

Fred Arazan – Homeless Person

Michael Dymmoch – Homeless Person

John Grogan – Homeless Person

Ray Rocchi – Homeless Person

Megan Brennan – Volunteer

Ryan Donovan – Volunteer

Crew Credits:

Adedapo Akisanya – Director

Ryan Donovan – Producer, Writer, Executive Producer

Sally O’Brien – Editor, Associate Producer

Aimee Donovan – Executive Producer

Vincent Singleton- Director of Photography

Toks Akisanya – Assistant Director

Scott Palmer – Sound Mixer

Louis Dane Shubert – Assistant Cameraman

Evan Jones – Gaffer

Marc Menet – Gaffer

Dirk Walvoord – Script Supervisor

NK Gutiérrez – Head Make-Up Artist

Norman Sands – Make-Up Artist

Cody Johnson – Post Production Audio

Pete Jannotta – Colorist

Angela M. Campos – Gravestone Designer

Mary Harris – Craft Food Services