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The Life Gamble (2015 SS Fest Entry)

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(THRILLER) An athlete gambles with his life jumping over the Berlin Wall to defect to the west where he finds himself gambling with other people lives.


Directed by: Walker Haynes
Written by: Peter Janov & Diana Guerrero
Produced by: Peter Janov
Cinematography: Thomas McCarty
Music by: Andy Luiten

Peter Janov
Brian Augsbury
Alynn McPeak
Walker Haynes
Lucia Solares

Backstory relating to the making of the film:

I did bet money on how long will people live or how soon they die – in life insurance. It was a guessing game that depended on peoples life expectancies. Nobody knows when we die…

To read more about Peter Janov (Writer, Producer, Actor):
Director: Walker Haynes
Walker is a successful director and filmmaker. His company A STREAM IN THE DESERT PRODUCTIONS, LLC has taken movie projects from the writing process through production and post-production. He has produced feature films which have sold domestically to LIONSGATE, as well as internationally to PLAYARTE, JY Entertainment, OMG, VIEWSTER AG, and others. His Directing debut, HAMLET’S GHOST premiered at the Festival de Cannes Marché du Film in 2014.