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The Hero Pose (2015 SS Fest Entry)

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(DRAMA) Set in Missoula, Montana, Mia, an eight year old, wants to do anything but spend time at her father’s house trying to sell a car that doesn’t run. The story explores the relationship between father and daughter and those precious moments in life when we pause and connect.
Awards: Seattle International Film Festival, Best of the Northwest
Providence Children’s Film Festival, Special Jury Award
Winner best Short Siouxland Film Festival
Best Direction, Cinevic Short Circuit Film Fest
Best Narrative Short Destiny City Film Festival
Best Comedy Short, Blue Whiskey Film Fest
Best Screenplay, Blue Whiskey Film Fest
Best Achievement for Young Actor, BWFF

Written & Directed by Mischa Jakupcak
Director of Photography Sean Kirby
Produced by Gretchen Oyster, Robyn Miller, Mischa Jakupcak
Sound Mixer Troy Dunn
Boom Op Heidi Dubose
Wardrobe Designer Alison Kelly
Edited by Eric Frith & Robyn Miller
Music Composed by Alex Miller
Production Designer Bart Heimburger

Mia-Nikki Hahn
Joe- Chaske Spencer
Cowboy- Russell Hodgkinson

The Hero Pose is the directorial debut of Mischa Jakupcak, an award winning producer who’s worked in film for years. It is set in Missoula, Montana, where she is from.

Nikki Hahn, the young actress, quickly befriended a cat from the location. The cat, though not scripted, delivered a great improvised performance. Nikki, aged 10, was by far the most professional person on set, often correcting both Chaske and the director on the dialogue and script.