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The Box (2015 SS Fest Entry)

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(COMEDY) How far will one man go to win Kenny G tickets? A sadistic Radio DJ comes up with a “promotion” to find out. Will The Donster win his tickets? Will “Donnie the Cat” give away those tickets. And what about Furbish. Watch and find out!

Producer/Writer/Director – Stephen Baker
Director of Photography – Kevin Almodovar
Location Sound – Alex Lau
Location Coordinator – Kalina King
Gaffer/Grip – Jon Deckert
Production Assistant – Peter Mahaffey
Make Up Artist – Doria Grace
“The Box” Construction – Gary Thurber
Post Production/Sound Design – Stephen Baker
Music Arrangement – Tom Wagner

The Donster – Don Goodrum
Donnie The Cat – Dave Mapes
Furbish – Seth Patterson
Backstory relating to the making of the film:

A group of local production guys all decided to make a film for the Pensacon Film Festival. The kicker was that we all wanted to work in different departments. Steve Baker (the Writer/Director/Producer/Editor/Sound Design) is a Location Sound Mixer by trade. Kevin Almodovar (Director of Photography) is a Producer/Lighting Director/Gaffer/Grip. Alex Lau (Location Sound) is a 1st AC/Camera Op. John Deckert (Gaffer/Grip) is a PA.

Interesting stories about the making of the film:

NO Chickens or actors were harmed in the making of this film.
The script was written in about 2 hours but was mostly improved by the actors, all who are former Radio Guys themselves.

Dave Mapes (Donnie the Cat) is a professional Actor and can be seen in Pirates of the Carribbean among other films. Don Goodrum (The Donster) is a Drama Teacher and Published Playwrite. Seth Patterson (Furbish) is the Promotions Director at APEX Broadcasting in Destin Florida.