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THE BOOT (SS 2015 Fest Entry)

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Stuart (Darren Dupree Washington) has hit rock bottom. He calls upon his closest peers to bail him out of his situation. Will his closest family and friends help him rise back up to their ranks, or will they deny him the satisfaction of staying in their lives?

Directed By: David Del Rio
Writtten by: Darren Dupree Washington
Edited by: Brian Rodriguez
Director of Cinematography: Ashley R Moore
Executive Producer: Darren Dupree Washington
Producers: Jon Paul Burkhart, David Gunning
Co-Producer: Matt Passmore
Associate Producers: Timothy Arielli, Kelly Bannister, JC Bannister, Jimmy Costas, Sharon Hansen, David Owen Phipps, Cathy Schnase

Music: “The Flower Duet” (Lakme), and “ In Need of Hope 4” (Richard Lacy and Barrie Gledden)

Darren Dupree Washington – Stuart
John Churchill – Morgan
Aisha Kabia – Josalynn
David Gunning – Josh
Natalie Floyd – Kelly
Scott Burkett – George

“The Boot” was conceived in Australia about 12 years go. Attempted to make it twice before. Third time was the charm.

Film Website:
Twitter: @thebootshrtfilm