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STILL HERE (2015 SS Fest Entry)

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(DRAMA) A young, up-and-coming sports agent has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, while a grim old loner, waiting to die, finds a new sense of hope. — Awards: Noor Iranian Film Festival – Best Director – Short Film

Directed by: Ethan Rains
Written by: Ethan Rains and Roger Stigliano
Produced by: Ethan Rains , Dominic Rains
Director of Photography: Nasar Abich Jr.
Edited by: Steven Nevius, Brian Feeny
Music Composer: Omar Fadel
Guitarist: John Huldt
Co-Producers: Amin K. Rad, Steve Rad, Nasar Abich, Jr.
Executive Producers: Richard Mandell, Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, Benjamin Dresser
Executive Producers: Nargess Majedi , Hamid Nazemzadeh
Shohreh Aghdashloo
Dominic Rains
Alan Rosenberg
Pamela Roylance
Bernadette Speakes
Annie McCain Engman
Marco Naggar
Nelson Delrosario

Inspired by true events that occurred to Erfan Nazemzadeh