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STEAM MACHINES (2015 SS Fest Entry)

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(ART) Steam Machines is an atmospheric documentary which reveals the unexpected aesthetic of the Steam Traction Engine, while portraying the men who dedicate their free time to keeping these turn-of-the-century machines alive.

Awarded Silver with Distinction at the New Zealand Institute of Photography “Iris Awards” Official Selection “Short Film Corner” Cannes Film Festival

Director/Editor/Producer: Melissa Edmon
Isolate by MOBY

Alec Birch and the members of the Steam Traction
Society of Feilding, New Zealand

Backstory relating to film:
Steam Machines was created for entry into the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers “Fusion” category. “Fusion” is a mixed-media genre which seamlessly combines the still and moving image. While shooting Steam Machines, influences such as the kinetic sequences within Dziga Vertov’s “Man with a Movie Camera” which romanticized man and machine, as well as the industrial landscapes of David Lynch inspired my aesthetic in creating this atmospheric documentary.