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On Ramp (2015 Festival Entry)

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(DRAMA) On-Ramp follows Ernesto, an Hispanic corner flower salesman and Adeelah, an artist from Egypt. Ernesto shows Adeelah compassion with a random act of kindness.  The pair become intertwined as she learns secrets about Ernesto that she has in common with him. The secret leaves them isolated without real connection.  Adeelah tries to break through to Ernesto, but maybe her acts are misguided – unless she reveals her secret as well.  Running on empty – can a connection be made?

Awards:  Awareness Festival – short film winner; Diversity award, Cannes Court Metrage, Dances with Films Competition Short

Writer/Director/Producer:  Skye Kelly
Editor: Chris Devcich
Producer: Javier Hernandez-Kistte
Cinematography:  Petras Skukauskas

Julie Sabray
Eloy Mendez

The writer/director was given flowers at an Off-Ramp once because she “looked sad.”  The rest of the story was inspired from that interaction.

This film was shot for $500 with an all student crew.