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Project Vega (2015 Festival Entry)

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(SCI-FI) A former partner of a top secret Dark Matter project tries to sell the technology for profit. But his interested buyer turns out to have other plans involving weapons of mass destruction.
(Honorable Mention – Miami International Sci-Fi Film Festival 2014)

Chris Moss – Nathan
Alix Bidstrup – Miranda
Ralph Guzzo – Fiasal
Junior Fuahala – Bodyguard
Wayne Scott – Bodyguard

Writer/Director/DP/Editor/Producer – Robert Milius
Producer – Britlynn Allen
Associate Producer – Chris Moss
Associate Producer – Ray Milius
Makeup – Vanessa Marie

In July 2012, I heard about a short-film screenplay competition called Four Stories. It was being presented by Roman Coppola and they were looking to produce four short films to be used as a marketing platform for the “W” hotel chain and Intel’s Ultrabook. Being an undiscovered writer/director, I couldn’t resist the opportunity. The rules of the competition were that the story had to take place at one of the predetermined “W” hotel locations and that it had to include a laptop. Or so I thought.

I got to work and wrote a small action-thriller with a sci-fi twist called PROJECT VEGA. Pulling inspiration from my favorite films and ideas that have been churning in my head for awhile. The story that emerged was full of interesting characters, back story, relationships, deceit, suspense, thrills, science, and exotic locations. To my surprise, it wasn’t selected when the competition ended. But my disappointment quickly turned to optimism when I saw that the four scripts that were chosen were very conservative, personal stories about love or loss. I realized my story was just too big in scope for what the competition was looking for.

So I decided to set out on my own to produce and direct this film. Given my current day job as a DP/Editor, I had all the necessary tools and skills to pull it off, it only took the will, some money, and a little help from my friends. I’ve very proud of what we have created and hope you all enjoy PROJECT VEGA

Shot in 3 Days on a DSLR Canon 60D.