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Practice Makes Perfect (2015 Festival Entry)

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(ROMANCE) A nervous twelve-year-old, Clint, is having trouble enjoying his first date with Sally.  For weeks, he has been practicing for the perfect first kiss, and now the moment is almost upon him.  (Winner of 8 filmmaking awards, including the 2013 CINE Golden Eagle Award.)

Director & Editor – Devon Avery
Cinematography – Christos Bitsakos
Music – Jamie Harper

Clint – Kody Fields
Sally – Alexis G Zall

This is the first film directed by Devon Avery and it is the first acting role for both actors.  Devon was told that it would not be possible to shoot this film with child actors, at night, with no permits, and no budget.  It took Devon 3 weeks of phone calls and boarding lots of buses to finally get a city bus for two hours to film the kiss.

The total budget for the film was $800, shot over three weekends.

The kiss shown in the film is actor Kody Fields’ first ever kiss in real life.  To prepare for the role, Kody studied YouTube video concerning kissing techniques.

You can follow Devon Avery on Twitter: @Dir_Devon_Avery