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Pitchfork (2015 Festival Entry)

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(DRAMA) Set in the midst of a devastating drought, a farmer searches for a way to save both his dying cornfield and marriage.
Awards:  Best PA Filmmakers

Directed by: Todd Oravic and Ryan Wood
Written by: Kevin Conner
Cinematography and Editing by: Todd Oravic and Ryan Wood
Sound Mixing by: Jimmy Reynolds and Mark Dennebaum
Music by: Justin Roote,
Produced by: Dawn D’Aries Zera and Maurie Anderson

Alicia Nordstrom
Mike Lally
J. Domenic Demuro
Christine Skiro,

Awards:  Best PA Filmmakers

Lead actors Mike Lally and Alicia Nordstrom auditioned for Farmer and Wife separately. Upon being selected for their roles, the directors brought them together to discuss the film. They greeted each other as old friends, as they had performed many times on stage as spouses in local theater productions.