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Philippe’s Sandwich (2015 Festival Entry)

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(DRAMA) When two young brothers Flaco and Lino realize their Mamita is dying, they embark on an unsupervised journey throughout Los Angeles in search of a special sandwich. What they
find is magical.  (Starring: Rico Rodriguez – “Modern Family” TV series)

Los Angeles Latino International  Film Festival, Isle of Wright Film Fest.

Written and Directed by:  James Hanlon
Produced by:  Christian Hall / James Hanlon
Line Producer:  Aya Nakano
Music by:  Jeffery Alan Jones
Cinematography:  Pete Villani
Editing:  Julie Antepli / Grant Keiner
Production and Costume  Design:  Jenna Wright
Casting by:  Jason L. Wood

Rico Rodriguez
Juan Martinez
Julia Vera
Anna Klein
Ruben Dario
Brian Fong
Christopher DeMaci
Chalo González
Diane Rodriguez