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Overgrown Kingdom (2015 Festival Entry)

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(DOCUMENTARY) As humans forsake their noble structures of sweat, wood and nails, a new occupant moves in and when Mother Nature moves in, she consumes.  Abandoned structures live on because of the fascination humans have with history,  the new ecosystems that form and the inspiration that comes with desolation.  The film first explores Central State Hospital, with a dark medical past, in the abandoned halls of the old buildings that still hold secrets.  The second section explores Heritage USA, the third largest theme park in the 1980’s, founded by televangelists that ended in corruption.  And lastly, the film explores Six Flags in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Sit back and explore the Overgrown Kingdom.
Producer/Director:  Mackenzie Roberts
Writer / Cinematographer:  Emily Van Horn
Editor:  Lauren Renz
Voice over:  Mary Lou Davis
Composers:  Carl Dominique and Dillan Brinlee