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A love affair that is easy and fun for Claire, gets challenged when another reality of John’s life comes into play by an accidental encounter.

DIRECTOR: Anja Murmann
Producer: Sabine Schenk
DP: Radium Chueng
Production Designer: Angela Wendt
Editor: Dario Bigi
Composer: Cassis Birgit Staudt

Li Jun Li
Heath Calvert

Asians on Film Festival 2015: Best Actress; Best Directing; Best Short

Director Anja Murmann collaborated with producer Sabine Schenk on the short. Sabine Schenk had worked with DP Radium Chueng before. When she brought the director together with the DP, they immediately clicked.

Interesting Story on the Making of MISTRESS:
The first scene to shoot on the schedule was the love scene in the hotel. Our main actors had never met before. But nevertheless, they worked well and highly professional together.