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Meet My Rapist (2015 Festival Entry)

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(COMEDY) It gets real when Jessie runs in to her rapist at the farmers market. The epic reunion includes the two having dinner with Jessie’s parents and even attending couples therapy so the rapist can see firsthand the effect he’s had on her life.

Director:  Jessie Kahnweiler
Producer: Jacob Gilbert
Producer: Ryan Lacen
Editor: Scott Evans
Sound Mix:  Eric Bautista

Jessie Kahnweiler   –  Jessie
Lori Alan  –   Mom
Melissa Stephens  –  Friend
Rhomeyn Johnson  –   Dad
Matty Goldberg  –  Boss
Trenton Willey  –   Rapist

“Meet My Rapist” is a deeply personal dark comedy as I confront the man who has shaped so much of my womanhood and an exploration in how we make meaning out of the madness in life. The film explores the complexities of healing from the point of view of a sexual abuse survivor in the hopes of inspiring others to speak their truth. My Agent, friends, rabbi, mailman EVERYONE told me not to make this film but in the end this film made me.

I was really nervous to put myself out there for the world to see, judge, and call a dumb Jewish girl on YouTube. Yet all my fears began to ease after I sent the film to my mom who upon after viewing quickly replied “Oh Honey, I love what you’ve done with your rape!”

I was overwhelmed with the films reception, particularly from other sexual abuse survivors. Opening the floodgates to my own trauma also let in some of the most surreal moments of my life: like the girl who chased me down Sunset Blvd, spilling her soy latte over both of us as she balled tears of joy and confessed the film had finally set her free. A feeling of peace swept through my body like I was getting tickled by the Dali Lama: this wasn’t MY film anymore, it was all of ours.