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Job Interview 2030

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(Comedy) In this sci-fi epic, job applicant Mr. Olsen is being interviewed for a position at the social media company Snap-O-Gram. But when hiring manager Mr. Griffin discovers pictures from Mr. Olsen’s past, the interview takes a turn for the worse.

MR. GRIFFIN: Rigel Smart
MR. OLSEN: Austin D. Estrada
BRANDON: Kevin Olsen

Crew Credits:
Austin D. Estrada
Rigel Smart
Kevin Olsen

Award of Recognition: Best Shorts Competition 2015

The short was inspired by seeing many friends on Facebook and Instagram post an excessive amount of pictures of their kids, combined with being asked ridiculous questions in corporate interviews around the same time. I wanted to make a silly project, but also one that wasn’t so far off from what our society/job market is or could be.

About the making of Job Interview 2030:
The film was written in a day, and shot over three weeks with many changing haircuts.