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HOMOPHONIA (2015 Festival Entry)

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(COMEDY) A man, late for a hearing on gay marriage, tries to get directions from his smart phone and discovers the ‘voice’ is part of the opposition.

Awards: Official selection of over 15 film festivals, including two Oscar-qualifying film festivals for the Oscar shorts category. SAG Shorts Showcase selection, Award of Excellence, Best Shorts Competition.

Director: Jim Jermanok
Producer, Writer: Mary Niederkorn
Cinematographer: Donald McIntosh
Editor: Anthony Arkin
Line Producer: Glenn Chalek
Script Supervisor: Jenna Sullivan
Sound Mixer: Adam Aslan

Albert M. Chan – Chase
Mary Niederkorn – voice on phone
Jim Jermanok – guy in park

My daughter is active in gay marriage rights. She volunteered to work on the Rhode Island campaign (a mere fifty miles from where we live) in lte 2013, and told me a story about how the opposition’s chief point to the legislature was “if you allow gay marriage, it will lead to sex with cows.” Decided I had to do something.

Interesting story about the making of the film:
Jim and I had many arguments about location, but I finally reluctantly agreed to the Pubic Garden in Boston. The day we showed up to shoot was the day of the Tufts 10K run with over 5,000 runners “on set.” In addition to hordes of people, we had to contend with bull horns, screaming participants and even helicopters overhead.