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A young female musician with a mental disorder struggles with hallucinations and seeks normal relationships with her friends and family.

Executive Producer: Enrique Rico Diaz
Producers: Enrique Rico Diaz & Candice Knutsen
Director: Enrique Rico Diaz
Written by: Enrique Rico Diaz
DP: Emma Kragen
Original Music: Jasmine Diaz

HARMONY: Jasmine Diaz
FATHER: Monty Seward
STEP FATHER: Martin Santander
MOM: Ruthy Otero
DESAHAWN: Kee Seymore
JEZZIE: Laura Stetman

The idea for the film started with a conversation about music. The composer/star of the movie explained the concept of dissonance and consonance to the director. This concept could be a parable for someone’s life.

After some research, the director discovered that one of the greatest composers of all time, Beethoven, actually suffered from a mental disorder. Today many people suffer from mental disorders and seek relief of their symptoms. The main character “wants to be normal”. There are many opinions as to how someone can be “normal”. Some consider medication to treat mental illness, others use therapy, and some consider religion as opportunity to cure a patient.

In this film the main character desires to use music to feel “normal”, while her parents are divided on the solution. Her father wants her to seek religion, while her mother believes medication will solve her ills.

We wanted to make a film that explores these issues associated with mental illness and depict the different viewpoints of what can be used to find a cure. Additionally, we wanted to pull together people of different ethnicities to show “Harmony” between different cultures.

Interesting story about the Making of HARMONY:
The heaven scenes were filmed at a vineyard named Gershon Bachus Vinters in Temecula California. The mother in the fight scene at the home can be seen drinking from a bottle wine from the winery. We did several take, so it’s good thing we replaced the wine with grape juice.

The piano used in the heaven scene was made in 1930’s and had heavy brass in side of it. It was so heavy that it had to be stripped in order to move it. The Production Designer spent days accomplishing this task in pre-production.

The church scenes were filmed in the historic First Christian Church of Fallbrook, California. The church was built and pastored by a civil war officer in the late 1800’s.

The club scenes were filmed at the Music Entertainment Recreation Center (MERC), thanks to the generosity of the city of Temecula. The Merc is located in Old Town Temecula.