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Happy Tears (2015 SS Fest Entry)

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(DRAMA) An unexpected encounter with an object from his past plunges a man into a dream-like state of reminiscence. He begins a journey into his mind and memories. (Stars Alan Cumming – Cabaret (Broadway)

Awards: Berlin Fashion Film Festival 2014 – Best Emerging Artist; Shot on RED 2014 – Best Student Film; Nos Yeux Grands Ouverts 2014 – Best Short Film; Salento Finibus Terrae 2014 – Mondo Corto Short Film Prize; Raindance 2014 – Official Selection
FASHION: Julian Zigerli
PRODUCER: Philipp C. Wolter
DP: Eun-ah Lee
MUSIC: Uno Helmersson
HAIR & MAKEUP: Michael Moreno
COLOR GRADING: Stephan Walsch

Starring Alan Cumming & Thomas Gibbons

Martin Monk is a director from Berlin. He has written and directed a number of live-action short films that have screened successfully across the globe. His photography has been exhibited in Moscow, Russia as well as his native Berlin. He holds a Master’s degree in Cultural Theory.