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El Camino Real (2015 Festival Entry)

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(DRAMA) Inspired by actual events — Currently living in San Diego, Elena Hernandez needs to return to her Mexican village home to be with her dying father.  As an undocumented immigrant, she is forced to use a coyote to return to her family in America.

Produced and Directed by: David McClendon
Screenplay by:  Russel Redmond and Jennifer Silva Redmond
Executive Producer:  Pat Thomas
Cinematographer:   Carmen Cabana
Editors:  Kern Saxton / John Rosenberg
Production Designed:  Robert M Morgan
Casting Director: Ricki Maslar

Dahlia Waingort
Rey Gallegos
Stephanie Erb
Esther Guigui
Tom Sandoval

Directors Statement
In 2007 there were a series of wildfires across the California, Mexican border.  After the fires subsided, the bodies of eleven people were found in the countryside east of San Diego.  Seven of those people were undocumented immigrants.  EL CAMINO REAL is based on the life of one of those immigrants.  A Woman, who along with her husband, lived and worked in San Diego for many years.  They raised their children as Americans, were involved in their schools and their community.  They were good friends and neighbors.  The only difference was that they were in the United States illegally with no clear path to validation.

This family’s story, along with countless others, allowed us to become aware of an entire subculture of our society.  Not the undocumented workers that we find in the parking lots of big box stores, but a group of undocumented Americans who lie next door, whose children go to school with ours and who we interact with every day.

We have tried through this short film to make us all aware of complexities and challenges of this segment of our society.
David McClendon