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Dog It Down (2015 Festival Entry)

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(DRAMA) Jack “Iowa” Foster, Frankie Moretti, and Aaron Levin woke to the sparkling blue water and clear skies of Pearl Harbor. Then, in the blink of an eye, their world changed forever. As five torpedoes ripped through the port side of the USS West Virginia, the men were unable to reach topside and were forced to seek refuge inside a storeroom. The battleship was sinking fast. There was no choice but for the sailors to “dog it down” — hammering the dog latches home securely to make the door watertight.

The 3 men, locked in the airtight compartment, soon found themselves trapped under forty feet of water on the ocean floor, praying for help to arrive. For 17 arduous days, the men held onto hope of rescue, surviving on canned peaches and a limited water supply.

Film Festival Awards: _ Hollywood Reel Independent- BEST SHORT ; Vegas Independent- BRONZE BULB WINNER;  Festival Screenings at: Big Bear, Newport Beach, GI Film Festival, IFFCA, Best Actor’s Film Festival, San Pedro Film Festival


Andy Cohen- Frank Moretti
Noah James- Aaron Levine
Sam Hambrecht- “Iowa” Foster

Directed by: Mark Haapala
Written by:  Adriane Coros & Jim Landis
Produced by: Jim Landis, Mark Haapala, Todd Schoonover, Michael Langford
Associate Producer: Kevin Connolly
Director of Photography: Skip McCraw
Edited by: Nathan Alexander Thompson
Costume Designer:  Colleen Monroe
Composer: Michael Tavera
Casting: Liz Winter
Director’s notes:
Based on actual events.

Shot entirely on location aboard the SS Lane Victory in San Pedro. The film had to be completed in 2 days’ time, so the actors never had more than 2 takes per set up.