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(THRILLER)  Everything and everyone is broken…. Even time. What starts as a rather whimsical and Mad Hatter-esque story, slowly grows darker and more disturbing with each scene, descending through the looking glass to a place where characters transform and harden.

Dragon*Con Film Festival – BEST in Show; Maverick Movie Awards –BEST Supporting Actor-Robert Scott Crane; New Orleans Big Easy Int’l Film Festival – AUDIENCE Jury Awards; Los Angeles New Media Film Festival-Grand Prize – BEST of the Festival; Minneapolis Underground Film Festival- BEST Short Film.

Director: Eric S. Anderson
Written by: Zoe Taylor and Robert Scott Crane
Producer: Zoe Taylor, Ian Carr, Kipp Tribble
Line Producer: Joshua Vancil
Executive Producer: Robert Scott Crane
Director of Photography: David Stump A.S.C.
Edited by: Michael Schatz and Eric S. Anderson
Patrick Meade Jones
Original soundtrack by: Brian Pothier & Peter Cornell

Robert Scott Crane as Oliver Randall- Jefferson
Christopher Sweeney as John Jefferson
Zoe Taylor as Francine Randall – Jefferson
Brittany Slattery as Cassandra A. Prynne – Jefferson
James Murray as William Jefferson

Truthfully, this was a very ambitious project. The caliber of talent involved, the production values and the scale were unprecedented for a short film. It took over 50 people to pull this dream off. We crossed over 1,300 hundred miles, between 19 locations, spread throughout 9 cities, in 5 counties and 2 States. In 10 days, we shot over 12 hours of footage for 6 pages of dialogue, which took over 120 hours to edit down to 18 minutes.

Interesting story re: making of this film:
Robert Scott Crane, who plays OLIVER, actually slept in the CURIO SHOP — he said he “wanted to feel what it was like to live and work in that space.” The bed was literally a few burlap Mexican blankets with a tattered old fur coat for a pillow, on top of a rotted out wood floor filled with termites. There was no light available beyond a few candles and everything in the shop was covered with spider webs. I was afraid that if he did not burn himself alive, the spiders would kill him. Robert also never once wore shoes on set or in the Desert. His feet were a black, bloody and blistered mess by the time we wrapped principal photography.    @CurioShopMovie