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The Conversation (2015 SS Fest Entry)

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(DRAMA) When a mother has particular fears about her son, she decides to have a conversation with the child, to tell him she no longer wants to be his mother. Awards: Achievement in Directing – SoCal Film Festival 2014
Writer, Director, Executive Producer: Christopher Malcolm Reese
Director of Photography: Andrew Rydzewski
1st AD: Kun Shin
Producer: Shalonda Shaw
Sound Recordist: Don Abernathy
Set Design: Linda Hughes
Makeup: Veronica Rodarte
1st AC: Mason Bockelman
Gaffer: Neil Casey
Grip: Robert Streeper

Lillie Richardson
Chelsea Poole
Kyle Colton

There was never an intention for this film to be made at first. The only reason this film came to be, was because the script was written, only to satisfy the project assignment for a screenwriting class at a community college. Once written, the director, having received mostly good remarks from the class instructor, decided to make the story – returning to the director’s chair for the first time in years.

Although the shot never made it into the film, particular attention was given to making sure a toy stuffed spider was filmed falling out of bed and onto the floor, as the ‘son’ wakes from sleep and exits bed, forcing the spider to fall on floor, as written in the story. This harmless stuffed toy, was to present the notion of spider cannibalism – how certain species of spider, where children will eat their mother. The toy spider in the story, was to be symbolism of this child consuming or destroying the mother in the film. So as to avoid the film trying too hard to be symbolic & because the symbolism of the spider would probably wind up being too obscure for audiences, the director made the decision to forgo this symbolic shot.