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The Confession (SS 2015 Fest Entry)

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(DRAMA)  A Catholic priest is put in an extraordinary position while hearing confession.

Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: David Krissman
Producer/Asst. Director: Elielle Salama
Assoc. Producer: Casey J. Simon
Director of Photography: Alexander Kubak
Composer: Marc Jovani
Editor: Nico Litonjua
Production Design: Madelaine Frezza
Hair and Makeup Stylist: Equalla Foster
Sound Editor/Designer: Michael Finley

Nich Kauffman
Michael Patrick
Tony Pandolfo
Carlos Acuaea
Ulka Simone Mohanty
LaShawn Burke
Allison Schmitter
Lonnie Hanks

The church that we shot the film at was actually a Presbyterian Church, so we had to bring our own confessional. When we went to pick up the confessional at the prop house, we realized the booth would not properly fit in our truck. We had planned on laying it down on its back but the prop house forbid that, saying the structure would break in that position. This left us in a major predicament. We needed to somehow get the confession booth to the church since we were shooting the following day. Under pressure, we looked into renting a larger truck but nothing was available.

As fate would have it, our cinematographer’s father owned a furniture company and had a small flatbed truck. He allowed us to use the truck and we strapped the confessional upright onto the flatbed as best we could. Picture a large confessional standing upright on a very slow moving small flatbed truck in the right lane of the freeway. That was us.