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The Case of Conrad Cooper (2015 SS Fest Entry)

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(DRAMA) A beautiful silent film about the day in the life of Conrad Cooper, a once successful familyman who has lost almost everything. As he clings to his past and his last bits of hope and dignity, his fear of the future follows him like an ever present ghost.

Awards: Award of Excellence-Best Shorts Competition; Best Experimental Short – California International Shorts Festival; Official Selection: International Homeless Film Festival UK; Culvr City International Film Festival; and Film Festival Max Ophuls Preis, Germany


Director/Writer: Valerie Doran Dalena
Producer/Executive Producers: Mike Furhmann, Valerie Doran Dalena
Co-Producers: Linda Gasser, Jon-Pierre Schoch, Enrico Schoch, Paul Louis Harrell
Director of Photography: Ryan Summersett
Writer: WendyJ. Menara
Music by John Groves

Adam Venker
Sean Burgos
Paul Louis Harrell
Melissa Biethan
Ron McPherson
Willow Hale
Alec VanOwen
Terroon Kibwe
Pili Valdes
Ava Harris

From an idea from Wendy J. Menara and Mike Fuhrmann about the invisible homeless and the vanishing middle class.