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(COMEDY)  Ted, a 25 year old relatively shy man builds up the courage to chase the women of his dreams, his friend and colleague Jenny. He faces a series of obstacles on his journey and puts his balls on the line for love. Awards: Runner Up “Favourite” 2015 TallyShorts Film Festival


Writer, Director, Producer, Composer: Steven Hirst

Allister Chick Ted
Emma Monk Jenny
Dave Arbib Sleaze
Ben Solomon Mate
Tracy Hardwick Boss
Ryan Tarran Stunt Actor – Kick Boxer
Michael Taylor Doctor
Ann Hirst Handbag Lady
Adam Kovarik Robber
Pat Powell Homeless Man
Mike Duncan Stunt Actor / Fighter
Neal Horton Stunt Actor / Fighter
Mark Lang Police Officer 1
Michela Carattini Police Officer Joyce
Sam McCool Trainer 1
Stephen Brennan Trainer 2
Jon Livingston Taxi 1
Eric Shapiro Taxi 2
Ashtan Wright Extra Multiple

Back stories:
We had one stunt scene where the stuntman Ryan Tarran was to jump a moving a car. We had decided to do this in 2 shots with a still camera. One of him jumping, then one of the car moving. The plan was to comp the two shots together in post production. We told Ryan of our plans to which he replied “that is stupid, I’ll just jump over the moving car”. Which he did.

Director: Steven Hirst
Steven Hirst first got serious about film making back in 2005 when he entered a finalist film “Benny Unseen Hero” (Co-Directed by Darren Arbib) into Tropfest. For a few years he followed his passion and made branded video content for a series of brands such as Xbox, Tooheys, Nestle, NRMA, Samsung & Coke but then life & work took him in a different direction away from film. Over the last 3 yrs he has written a feature script and this year decided to respark his directing passion with “Busted”.
Director’s Statement
Busted aimed to have pathos cut-through an otherwise slapstick piece of content. The theme is that love will find away. But first and foremost the objective was to have a film that entertained from the first to last frame.