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Vanden is new and naïve to the brave new frontier that is online dating. Meeting Courtney for the first time, it seems a likely success on paper. But what happens leaves the two of them experiencing a night they would both rather forget!

Producer/Writer/Director: Jonathan Moody
DOP: Jay Ng
Music: John Hresc
1stAD: Matthew Morey
Gaffer/Sound: Andreas Toumbas
Make Up: Brianna Elliot, Jasmine Elle Dee
Wardrobe, Props: Emily Hoffmann

Paul Berenger as Vanden
Adriana Carlino as Courtney

Backstory on making of the film:
A very true story…

Skeleton and green crew. We literally ran from set to set. Held lights in our hands, worked until 4 am shooting and pushed out a great fun film in 2 days!

Director’s statement:

Right from the start, the writing process was extremely organic, so much so that the final shooting script was only completed the day of the shoot, once the actors were totally in the zone of their characters. It provided such a great feeling of authenticity as we really worked with the “what would Vanden say” mentality the whole time. Both actors brought my vision perfectly to life and I owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude.
The shoot was super fun, my funky micro inexperienced crew pulled off a great job of creating alluring mood with wonderful lighting and set design.
It has hit the right spot for me as a film maker. I have always felt that film making is so much about entertainment and feel tremendous appreciation to those who give up 10 minutes of their lives to watch my little film.