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Amor Imposible (2015 Festival Entry)

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(COMEDY) Memo is in love with his roommate Rosa but isn’t able to share his feelings with her.  His insecurity and fear of rejection only worsens as Rosa falls in love with Diego, a fictional character from the soap opera ‘Amor Imposible.’  Memo is forced to face his fear when Diego walks out of his fictional world on the ‘soap’ to pursue Rosa’s love.

Awards:  Best Short Film BOFF, Honors at LA Short Film Festival

Director/Writer/Editor: Felix Martiz
Producer:  Jesus Guevara
Director of Photography:  Jan Michael Losada
Music:  Matthew Carlson

Jesus Geuvara – Diego
Beto Ruiz – Memo
Laura Ramos – Rosa

The cast and crew of Amor Imposible always work together, from features to short films.  This is the fourth project in which they all collaborate.