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Super Heroes

Adapted from an anonymous Facebook post, “Super Heroes’ tells the story of a man whose life is saved by the imagination of a teenager living with Down Syndrome.  With a ‘nothing special’ mentality and self-esteem waning by the second, Mark wakes every morning to the same traffic, same job, and the same seemingly lackluster life.  One afternoon everything changes when he encounters a teenager with Down Syndrome who mistakes Mark for his hero, Superman.

Awards:  Life Fest Film Festival:  Director’s Choice, Audience Choice

Crew: Written and Directed by:  Ryan MacKenzie Produced by:  Jay Rau and Ryan MacKenzie Editing and Sound Design by:  Jay Rau Music:  Alex Schaaf

Cast: Bobby Pope Sarah Haworth Michael Rice

BACKSTORY: This film was produced with the assistance of “Down Syndrome in Arts and Media’, a non-profit organization providing artistic opportunities for people living with Down Syndrome.

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