Shorts Showcase


And The Sky Will Never Be The Same – SS 2014 Fest FINALIST

Producer/Director Jim Colletti and Director/Editor Ben Fama Jr. capture more than 100 years of history in just over 5 minutes and ask the questions “Was war, terrorism, tragedy and death ever a consideration in the exploration and accomplishments of flight?”  and  “Are tragic
consequences a fair trade off for humans’ pure intention to explore and expand?”

Winner: Golden Ace Award – 2013 Las Vegas Film Festival

Producer/Director:  Jim Colletti
Director/Editor:  Ben Fama, Jr.
Music Producer/Composer:  Adam Smith

“We will dream what we can, humans to the stars.  Light-speed on this journey.  I look to the heavens, knowing  that love will take me higher.  And the sky will never be the same again…”  Through the use of iconic imagery and newsreel, this film investigates how the innocence of the dream to fly has had serious and unexpected consequences, and even though tragic, it continues.