Shorts Showcase


Psycho Kitties – SS 2014 Fest WINNER – Comedy – Most Votes

An homage to Alfred Hitchcock, “Psycho Kitties” was inspired by director Colleen Stratton’s house cats. When Pyewackett attacks Sho-zen in the shower, we wonder, “does this sweet cat have nine lives?”

CAST Pyewackett as himself Sho-zen as himself

CREW DIRECTOR/WRITER/PRODUCER – Colleen Stratton DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY – David Wexler / Skye Borgman SOUND DESIGN – Mark Friedman EDITOR – JJ Rodgers / Colleen Stratton / Gabrielle Thorbourn / Jennifer Mayer VISUAL EFFECTS – Todd Groves / Mary Dowd / Grant Keller CAT COSTUME – Mary Ellen Bouché

MUSIC Psycho Kitty Theme Arranged and Performed by Peter Darmi – Cloudcap Audiopost, Inc. Read Window Composed and Performed by Peter Darmi – Cloudcap Audiopost, Inc. Burnt Orange Dawn Composed by Todd Cochran – Performed by Todd Cochran – Jadon Music, ASCAP The Attack Arranged and Performed by Peter Darmi – Cloudcap Audiopost, Inc. Chaton Psycho Lyrics by Colleen Stratton Arranged and Performed by Adam Pike.

“Between four and six million homeless pets are euthanized every year.  Unresolved behavioral problems are one of the main reasons pets are taken to the pound.  One animal in ten born in the U.S. gets a good home that lasts a lifetime.  I hope to increase the number of pets with a forever home.”

“When I rescued Pyewackett, a shelter-bound Siamese, and brought him home to my three indoor-only male cats, he climbed onto my lap and into my heart.  Shortly thereafter, he singled out and bullied Sho-zen, the sweetest kitty of the bunch, and slowly but surely, Pye turned my home into a smelly feline war zone and challenged my belief that adopting a pet means giving an animal a ‘forever home.'”

“I then embarked on a decade-long mission to restore peace.  Along the way, I started shooting a documentary, and at that point, the cats were separated, and I had no footage of their catfights on camera, so I decided to illustrate the mayhem as a parody of Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO.”

PSYCHO KITTIES, a five-minute narrative short, starring Pyewackett and Sho-zen, is complete.  A documentary is in progress.”