Shorts Showcase


The Proposal

Daniel’s never had a lot of luck with women, so when he asks one-year-old Emma for permission to marry her mommy, he needs it to go well.  It doesn’t.

CREW: Writer/Director:  Joe Dull Exec. Producer:  Katiina Dull Cinematography:  Mike Gunter Editor:  Lyle Arnett Set Design:  Scott Meador Costume Design: Shauna Meador Sound Design:  Collin Buchanan Music Arranged by:  Paul Dickinson

CAST: Jim Harris Emma Dull Carla Harris

BACKSTORY: “The Proposal” began as a joke and became the shortest of my short films, clocking in at 4 min (including credits).  After finishing a feature film and 30 minute documentary musical, I wanted to do something small and easy and spend time with my family.  Hence:  “The Proposal” starring Emma Grace Dull.


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