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The Painter

A boy, barely 12-years-old, lives in a world where violence surrounds him. His sole means of survival is to escape the violence outside by creating art. Step inside the line…his art – a world at war. Are you ready?

AwardsIllinois Film Office Shortcuts Short Film Contest Winner. Festival Screenings: LA Shorts Fest, Montreal World Film Festival, Foyle Film Festival (Ireland), Chicago International Film Festival, Urbanworld Film Festival (New York),  Cleveland International Film Festival, Peace On Earth Film Festival (Chicago), Athens International Film and Video Festival,  Beloit International Film Festival,  San Marino Film Festival, Queen City Black Film Festival, Salento Finibus Terrae International Shorts Film Festival.


Writer/Director – Kevin Cooper; Producer- DeAnna Cooper,  Taejung Lee; Director of Photography – Adam Jones; Production Designer – Tom Kesling; Executive Producer – Emil Arab; Editors – Kevin Cooper, Leonard Wilkes; Music By – Armand Amar; Associate Producers – Jacqueline JJ Ingram, Kailyne Waters.

Cast- Ron Caldwell

The Painter was made in collaboration with Chicago-based inner city youth (and their accompanying organizations – Youth Guidance, UCAN).  The mission of the film was to engage youth in the process of filmmaking in a safe environment, to address the violence that is impacting our community, and to encourage dialogue among audience members. And to further crystallize our theme that we are all one community, the main character portrayed by Ron Caldwell, was actually comprised of several young people who represented the one boy.

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Genre: Drama

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