Shorts Showcase


The Movie Critic

The Movie Critic is a tongue-in-cheek look at serious filmmaking.  The story combines a typical “B Movie” drama with critiques by an eccentric “Movie Critic.”  Building cliché-upon-cliché, the dialog includes references to rock and roll titles, popular television series dialog, classic dramatic and musical movie trivia, and American cultural events.  In its own unique way, the film touches upon the critical elements of drama:  conflict, rising action, plot twists, climax and denouement.

Writer, Producer and Director:  Gary Corbett Davis
Line Producer:  Richard Almes
Director of Photography:  John David Reynolds
Hair and Makeup Stylist: Joyce Gilliard
Special Makeup:  Karen Deloach
Original Music by:  John Kasiewicz

Rodney Lee Rogers (The Movie Critic)
Daniel Jones (Roly)
Kimi Sarchione (Becky)
Scott Perri (Mark)

The film was partially funded by a grant from the South Carolina Film Commission and produced with the support of the Division of Film, Media and Visual Arts at Trident Technical College (student Production Assistants)