Shorts Showcase


Modern Love – SS 2014 Fest FINALIST

John-Paul and Sylvia are a couple who have discovered that the secret to joy found inside being in love is created from the joy and passion you share from inside yourself.  A couple deeply in love play their hands at a game of textual wit.

Awards:  Lady Filmmakers Film Festival 2012 — Female Director Award Best Shorts Competition 2011 — Award of Merit; Women Filmmakers

Directed by: Heather Shepherd Executive Producer:  Heather Shepherd Produced by:  Alexis Nelson Associate Producer:  William Mark McCullough Music by:  Victor Diaz, Jr. Cinematography:  Hai Lam Phan Editing:  Justine Warwick

CAST: Peter Herbert Sonja Vance-Abate

Genre:  Comedy / Romance


BACKSTORY: From the director:  Idea for the film?  I was on the New York subway and noticed an older woman watching a teenage girl going crazy texting her friends as fast as she could in between the connections.  The older woman was fascinated.  I started wondering if the older woman did text, who would she text?  Do her friends her age text or not?  Maybe she could, or would, teach her husband.  That gave me the idea if she and her husband, being from a simpler world that is less prone to needing outside entertainment or affirmation, would just be thrilled texting each other for fun.

I love sharing this with audiences.  A simple idea that people can have fun, be playful and sexy, no matter what their age.  When people watch it they are excited to tell me how it made them smile and laugh out loud.  As a filmmaker that is the magic, to bring out genuine emotion.