Shorts Showcase


The Love Remains

Charged with spreading the ashes of her dead girlfriend, Lena struggles against a flood of unwanted memories.  The gnawing thoughts force her into dealing with her grief in hauntingly unpredictable ways.

Crew: Director:  Angela Park Producer: Janet Chen Director of Photography:  Daniel Juenemann Asst. Director — Justin Madriaga 1st AC — Jesse Dana  Sound — Brian Corral Music:  Haim Mazar

Cast: Christina Giagos Nadia Anwar Megan Vickers

BACKSTORY: While working for a film festival, I was charged with watching man, many short films.  Du ring this time I found myself watching portrayal of women in sentimental situations reacting in stereotypical ways.  The Love Remains portrays a woman I want to see on screen.  Lena is strong, complicated, sentimental, silent in her mourning, and completely twisted.

The flashback sequences were shot on 16mm and hand processed.  Due to the unpredictable nature of hand processing, the actresses had to perform the intimate shots 6 to8 times.  During shooting the crew commented on how quiet the camera was, and then the AC checked the gate and found there was no film in the gate.  A friend had loaded the film in his studio and nobody had checked to see if the right magazine was on the camera.  Megan had a hard out, but agreed to stay longer to redo the shots.  When the loud whir of the camera started, I was very relieved.