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The Lost Interview of Ray Bradbury – SS 2014 Fest FINALIST

The Lost Interview of Ray Bradbury is a personal tribute to the great sci-fi master. Shot over 20 years ago by Director Harry Hall in the basement/office of Bradbury’s home.

Produced & Directed by Harry Hall Written & Hosted by Victoria Looseleaf Assistant Director Laura Lipson Music Courtesy of Shockwave Sound, Pond 5, Partners in Rhyme

Directors Choice — The Black Maria Film Festival — 2013

The Lost Interview of Ray Bradbury was filmed for a cable access show Victoria Looseleaf’s “The Looseleaf Report”. It was never edited. In 2012 the interview has finally come to life, integrating HD stock footage to illustrate Bradbury’s timeless, inspirational reflections. His views on Theater, Driving, Puccini, Creativity, Steven Spielberg, The Hollywood Blacklist and a skewering indictment of the major TV networks give new insight into the late author Ray Bradbury.


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