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Little Miracles

Sometimes a child can have a perspective that can teach us a ‘life lesson’ that is so simplistic and pure that it can be a lesson that is never forgotten.  LITTLE MIRACLES is a film that shows, through the lens of children, that it’s the little things in life that are the most amazing miracles of all!

CREW: Director:  Chris Cooke Written by:  Chris Cooke Produced by:  Chris Cooke Camera: Chris Cooke Editor: Chris Cooke Casting:  Tonia Crews, Bryan Tucker and Chris Cooke

CAST: Auggie Cavanagh — Mr. Jackson Sonny Angel — Matthew Other kids: Melody Mares Xitali Garcia Bron Smith Belanna Cavanagh

Backstory: LITTLE MIRACLES really came from Chris Cooke’s own introspection.  He realized years ago that every breath he took, every blink of his eye, stretching his arms above his head when he woke up…  just waking up….  These are all simple processes that are taken for granted but are nothing short of a complete miracle.  The story developed from that.   He thought that presenting his idea through the perspective of a child would be even cooler and show that on so many levels we are all performing our own miracles in our lives and the lives of others every single day.  The little stuff that really does matter AND make a difference.