Shorts Showcase


Last Day With Lizzy

Last Day with Lizzy tells the story of Mark, a troubled father who longs to rebuild a relationship with his distant daughter, Elizabeth.  While spending one last day together, Mark slowly comes to terms with a devastating past and the realization that something is not quite right with his teenage daughter.
Writer/Director:  Matt Duhamel
Producer:  Heather Duhamel, Matt Duhamel
Director of Photography:  Bob Melanson
Cinematographer:  Chad Potts
Camera Operator:  Ruben Arce
Sound Mixer:  Alvaro Aguayo
Editor:  Bob Melanson
Still Photographer:  Jesse Connor
Makeup Artist:  Tina Larsen
Music: “Quantum Music Works” and “Video Blocks”

Cheryl: Jill Adler
Mark: Clinton Coltrin
Elizabeth (Lizzy): Amber Murdock
Orderly: Eric Bott
Director’s comments:
First film for Amber Murdock (Lizzy)

Film was shot in 12 hours.  Most of the cast and crew were volunteers