Shorts Showcase


The Field – SS 2014 Fest FINALIST


The Field was my final project for San Diego State University. In my undergraduate study I made a point to prepare a short film that I would write, produce, direct, and edit. The topic I chose I felt had to be relevant now. The Field is a story of a struggling family and what a father won’t do for his son. It touches on immigration and cultural differences. I had a lot of help from many people that believed in the project….  Robert Mrazek

Directed and Written by: Robert Mrazek
Executive Producers: Mickey Harrison / Robert Mrazek
Associate Producers: Tony Hickman / Thomas J. Rasera
Original Music: James Harlow
Cinematography: Joel Deutsch
Editor: Robert Mrazek

Brent Nowak
Humberto Arcila
Pippa de Lunay

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