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Head Case

Head Case is a comedic web series with a mysterious back story that is slowly made known as the show progresses.  Ostensibly focusing on two women who not only share a wall in their apartment building but also a strange kinship/friendship.  Head Case is about the darkly comic side of life:  Our relationships, goals, fears and how we deal with them.

Director/Producer:  Mitch Yapko Writer/Creator/EP:  Lyle Weldon Creator/EP/ Star:  Amanda Barnett Creator/EP/Star:  Christina Moses Director of Photography: Wey Wang Editor:  Cutler Gray Hair/Makeup:  Mega Lopez

Co-Stars: Brian Guest Tara Jayn Allen Reuckert Chelsea Taylor

BACKSTORY: This film was made on a shoestring budget by a group of passionate and dedicated filmmakers!  Everyone involved joined the team because they believed in how unique and interesting the script and concept for the series is, and we can’t wait to make more episodes!


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