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The Happy Husband – SS 2014 Fest FINALIST

Inspired by the British Restoration comedy, The Country Wife by William Wycherley (1640-1715), a husband knows his wife is cheating on him, but how to get her to admit it?  Winner:  2011 Best Comedy at the Cable Stanley Awards, presented by TCtv inTorrance, CA.

Producer/Director:  Mark Salgia Written by:  William Wycherley Co-Producers: Tamara Sayiner and Delila Lise Cinematographer:  Josiko Prihadi Artistic Consultant: Louie Liberti Editor:  Tamara Sayiner and Marc Salgia Production Designer:  Marc Salgia Music by:  Ben Coria and Mika Krsti Cast: Marc Salgia and Delila Lise

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