Shorts Showcase


Off The Grid

Set in the near future whereby an energy crisis triggers the collapse of the economy and widespread civil unrest, one family of means, the Rushes, escape the chaos for their sustainable getaway home in a secluded rural location.  Life in their isolated sanctuary soon proves difficult for the Rushes as they face complacency and guilt for leaving friends and colleagues behind until a young, poor, and desperate pregnant girl and her volatile boyfriend show up at their doorstep.  Sparks fly when the disparate worlds of the two families collide, paralleling the demise of society in microcosm.  Ultimately, both families are faced with life and death choices about how best to survive in a new world without the rule of law.

The LA Cinema Festival of Hollywood
Best Narrative Short
Best Supporting Actress
Best Original Score

Ryan Falkner
Ryan Falkner

Ryan Falkner
Kyle Shea

Eric Sheehan

David Bellerive
Jonathan Camp
Cameron Graham
Rebekkah Kennedy
Ivana Shein
Cameron Graham

Original Music by
Jason Falkner

Cinematography by
Jeffrey Peters

Film Editing by
Wes Lipman
Chad Mumford
Brian Swanson

Casting by
Nick Chiodini

Sound Department
Jon Lyga

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Nikki Fosmore