Shorts Showcase


Odds or Evens

Odds or Evens Awarded Honorable Mention At Taos Shortz
Winner –Oak Cliff Film Festival – Best Community Short

Director/Co-Writer/Producer — Jay Gormley
Casting Director/1st Assistant Director/Co-Writer/Producer — John Venable
Director of Photography/Producer — Jeff Adair
Sound Engineer/Producer — Dave French
Camera Operator/Associate Producer — Troy Larkins
2nd Assistant Director/Associate Producer — Tobias Duenzl
Musical Score — Trey Walpole

Charles Baker (Breaking Bad, Temple Grandin, Splinter)
Lydia Mackay (The Playroom, Language of a Broken Heart, God’s Pub)
Christian Wikoff (Language of a Broken Heart, The Death of Socrates, Good Guys)
Bob Hess (Good Guys, Prison Break, Karma Police)
Yolonda Williams (Friday Night Lights, Lone Star, RoboCop)
Susana Gibb (Earthling, The Other Side of Paradise, Inspector Mom)
John Venable (Friday Night Lights, Elevator Ride, Zero One)
Jason Kane (Good Guys)

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