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No Going Back

After a night of partying gone wrong, three friends travel deep into the woods to bury a dead girl.  But when a mistake is made, and they need to go back and find her, they learn that some things don’t stay buried for long.

Directed, Produced, & Story by:   Ryan Geiger Written by:  Frank Bologna Cinematographer:  Jenna Bush Music by:  David Gennaro

CAST: Jason Faust Eric Jennings Kyle Tuck

BACKSTORY: The main actors and director, Ryan Geiger, worked on the award-winning Indie “Stealing God’s Money” previously and worked on No Going Back together after the win as a celebration to the win.

This film screened at several festivals around the country including Green Bay,  New Filmmakers in NYC, and New Orleans.  It was an Audience Choice nominee from the indie site,