Shorts Showcase


George (S. Antonucci) – SS 2014 Fest WINNER – Audience Favorite

A precocious young girl helps two lost souls overcome loss and find love.

Crew: Director:  Mike Corey Producer:  Patrick Bostrom Writer:  Scott Antonucci

Cast: Scott Antonucci Fiona Perry Juliana Dever


As a writer and actor, when I first moved to California, I had a lot of free time on my hands.  My cousin invited me to his weekend baseball games. It turns out, I couldn’t care less about baseball.  Another weekend attendant who was no fan of the game was a six year old girl named Hannah.  Week after week Hannah and I would play together by the field.  Hannah’s man was thrilled to have a steady babysitter during the games.  We’d go over her homework, color, make funny faces, or just laugh at the players.  I was thrilled to have the distraction.  It was fun.  After the season ended, my cousin decided not to play baseball anymore.  And, as the months went on, I realized I missed my friends.  Hannah was the first friend I made in California.  I wrote this film for her.

The production was a fairly smooth business.  Fiona, our lead character, was an absolute delight and breeze to work with.  We are still friends to this day.