Shorts Showcase


Flurina – SS 2014 – WINNER- Drama-Most Votes

Flurina was colorful.  Her twin sister, Sofia, was not.  Yet, monochromatic things can sometimes be explosive.

CREW: Producer/Director:  Joe diGennaro Production Designer:  Gary Kroytor Director of Photography:  Robert Head Composer:  Evan Fein

CAST:   Florine Deplazes Paul Eiding Rob Roy Cesar Karl Lentini

Flurina is a story set in 1946 and told in six languages.  English, German, Swiss-German, French, Italian and Romanche (an obscure dialect of Latin)  However, the narrative unfolds without the aid of subtitles.

Although a 1940’s period piece, the majority of principal photography was completed in a Hollywood bungalow over the course of a weekend.