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Falling Through The Cracks

This film asks the question, “What if what you term as your God heard everything that you thought and considered that thought a request to give that thing to you. Would you change the way that you think?” We follow along and hear people’s inner thoughts in everyday life and explore what would really happen if every thought you had came to life.


Written, Directed, Edited, Camera and Produced by Chris Cooke Green Screen Sequence Shot and Edited By Lenny Dodge at EPTV in Palmdale, CA


Chris Cooke Rick Hall Cori Meadows Eddy Landaverde Brenda Ojeda Anthony Ojeda Andy Allen Jason Brubaker Lacy Green Antwan Thorogood Laura Ferguson Carrie Ramirez Dana Tapp Ariel Rodriguez Vern Monnett Sofia Garcia Giovanni D. Elizondo Bryan Tucker Chris Ferguson Jill Ryan E. Zane Wood Cienna Rose Capko