Shorts Showcase



In a world where time flows backwards, we follow a family who gather to welcome their grandmother into the world, as the 7 year old daughter contemplates her looming mortality.

Cast: Jack Coleman Katelyn Hunter James Keane Mimi Cozzens

Crew: Director:  J.S. Mayank Producer:  Jesse Morrison Co-Producer: Alex Creswick Director of Photography: Patrick Meade Jones Production Designer:  Derrick Hinman Costume Designer:  Mandy Mitchell Editor:  Mark Suit


The idea started for the director a few years ago when he thought the hands of his clock were going backwards and that got him thinking about a world where time flowed backwards.  Would it be a happy world — eliminating the element of risk in our lives?  Or would it be a dour, hopeless world — one where we couldn’t make any choices?  As with most things, we believe it is somewhere in between.  The good with the bad.  Happiness with sadness.  Night with day.


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